Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Universe Bound Book Box?

A monthly Gender-neutral Book Box subscription service. Each curated monthly book box includes: 

  • Two sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and/or thriller indie/small press books. 

  • Exclusive hand poured scented candle

  • Reusable tin can container filled with mouthwatering coffee bean and caramel candy treats

  • An assortment of cookies and biscuits to enjoy with delicious perfectly blended loose-leaf tea sealed in a reusable steel tin can screw top container.

  • Exclusive bookmarks

Plus, individual book boxes will include various items spread out over our Six-Book Box cycle:

  • Reader’s and Thinker’s journals

  • Exclusive Reader's monthly calendar pages

  • Ceramic and glass mugs

  • Downloadable audiobooks

  • And surprise exclusive items

How Does The Subscription Work?

We don't offer monthly themes. Our approach is very practical and different. We follow a six book box set cycle. Book Box one will always have the tea infuser and tea spoon (one of ten different designs), along with the regular box items (see above). Book Box two will always include a Reader's Journal. Book Box three will always include the Thinker's Journal. Boxes four and five will always include a mp3 cd or downloadable audiobook. Box six will always include a hand-crafted ceramic cup.

In addition to the six book box cycle we offer 5 subscription plans: 1, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions, and a non-book box cycle subscription (each month will ship out the current scheduled month content.) Once you subscribe, your subscription will automatically renew. You can cancel anytime.

What is the Six-Book Box Cycle?

Each monthly box includes: A curated box of two books, a scented candle in a round steel tin can or heavy glass container, one tin can filled with delicious loose-leaf tea and mouth-watering coffee bean and caramel candy, plus bookmarks and special downloads and offers.

The first month box will contain in addition to the regular monthly box items: a tea infuser and a stainless steel creative flower tea spoon.

The second month box will contain in addition to the regular monthly box items: a copy of the Reader's Journal (The Reader’s Journal is your lighthouse. It’ll assist you with organizing your thoughts, tracking your goals, list who borrowed your treasures and maintain your sanity.)

The third and fourth month boxes will be used for extra special items that may not fit neatly in the other book boxes.

The fifth month box will contain in addition to the regular monthly box items: a copy of the Thinker's Journal (The Thinker's Journal is for recording thoughts, notes, and observations. It is a product of the Astronoscout study, learn, and grow series. The format is freestyle with alternating sets of 25-page graph and blank pages.), plus a special one-time use code to download an audiobook.

The sixth month box will contain in addition to the regular monthly box items: a handcrafted ceramic cup filled with yummy confections to those subscribers with six consecutive months of subscription.

Do I have to start with Book Box One when I subscribe?

Of course not! Just select the Non-Book Box Cycle plan and your subscription will start with the scheduled Book Box. For example, if you subscribe in November, your first Book Box will be for whatever would be shipped out for that month instead of starting with the September Book Box.

What are the Book Box Cycles for 2018, 2019, and 2020?

September 2018 - February 2019

March 2019 - August 2019

September 2019 - February 2020

How Do I Get My Product Featured In A Universe Bound Book Box Set?

Thank you for considering us! Send an email to with the subject line "VENDOR INQUIRY". 

How Much Does A Box Cost?

Prices varies with the subscription plan you choose. A month-to-month subscription cost $32.99 USD + $12.95 Shipping and Handling. A 3-month plan costs $90.85. Shipping is $12.95/month. The 6-month plan costs $170.70. Shipping is $12.95/month. The 12-month plan costs $320.40. Shipping is $12.95/month. Canada subscription is $52.00/month (shipping is included). India subscription plan is $60.00/month (Rs. 4,356/month). Shipping is included. All other countries are $62.00/month (shipping is included). We will continue to look for ways to offer shipping at a cheaper rate.

Do You Ship Outside The United States?

We do ship outside the United States. Currently, Canada and India have special shipping rates, however, all other International month-month subscriptions have been discounted to compensate for International shipping cost.

How Do I Cancel?

To cancel, please send an email to

You must cancel before the next billing cycle. Canceling the subscription will only stop automatic payment for the next subscription. Refunds are not automatic. You must request a refund by sending an email, before the 15th, to Include name and address. Please note: We will only issue refunds on multi-month subscription plans.For multi-month plan cancellations, all plans will be recalculated as One-Month plans. The refund will be calculated as the number of months of received Book Boxes x $45.94 subtracted to what was paid. For example, the refund for a canceled Three-Month plan after one-month would be $76.76 instead of $81.80.