Non-Book Box Cycle Monthly Subscription


This plan does not follow the Six-Book Box Cycle. When you subscribe during a Six-Book Box cycle your first box will always begin with Book Box One, regardless of when you subscribed. Click HERE for a breakdown of each Book Box.

The current Six-Book Box cycle is from September 2018 to February 2019. Signing up in December will start you off as if you subscribed in September. You may change from a Six-Book Box Monthly plan to a Non-Book Cycle plan anytime. Send your request to with “Switch to Non-Book Cycle Plan” in the subject line. When you subscribe to our Non-Book Cycle Monthly Plan your first Book Box will begin with the current month’s content. Click HERE for the current Six-Book Box month breakdown.

The subscription rate is $32.99 per month. Shipping and handling is $12.95 per month. The total monthly charge with be $45.94.

To cancel, please send an email to

You must cancel before the next billing cycle. Canceling the subscription will only stop automatic payment for the next subscription. Refunds are not automatic. You must request a refund by sending an email, before the 15th, to Include name and address. Please note: We will only issue refunds on multi-month subscription plans.